The Asian Guild Membership

The Asian Guild Membership

The Asian Guild is a charity to promote the Asian cause. The promoters of Asian Guild felt that there is a need for an Asian organisation to identify the exceptional achievements of the Asians and to recognise these high achievers by annually awarding them the Guild's Award. This is done every year in style. Furthermore the Guild has recently also embraced the Bollywood industry and top films and actors are recognised with the Guild Award.

It is the objective of the Guild to make funds available to the high achievers to further their research and development in their respective fields. Sponsorship for undergraduates and post-graduates are also planned for entry to the top universities in the UK and USA. This is to ensure that the Asians' achievements do not dry up because of funds.

The Guild plans to hold forums and dinners to give opportunity to like minded Asians getting together to become aware. Gatherings have taken place at venues like the House of Lords. More interesting bonding sessions are being planned at Lords Cricket Ground, Wentworth, Ascot and similar venues of great interest.

Our drive for membership continues. We are looking for believers to promote in style the Asian cause. This is only possible with your moral and financial support. Please speak to us if you would like to become a member of the Asian Guild.


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